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We strive to strengthen the fundamental relationship between you and your pet.

At ETD we strive to make a better life for both you and your pet. We do this by utilizing all four quadrants of operant conditioning while simultaneously building the relationship you and your pet have.

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Read through our descriptions below to see which training option would work best for you and your pet.


This is one on one training starting in your home and then moves to public places if applicable, such as parks and outdoor shopping areas. This option is perfect for owners who would like to be hands on for the training but just need guidance.


This option would allow your dog to stay with us and be completely immersed in a well structured environment, tailored to fit your individual pets needs to meet your goals. Stay and trains typically last 3 weeks but can vary depending on what we discuss during your required consultation.


Has your pet completed one of our programs? If so they qualify for our boarding which includes multiple sessions of play and walks throughout the day. We do have a limited number of availability for boarding so please reach out as soon as you have your dates solidified.


During a virtual meeting we can discuss any topic you would prefer, and then take that information and work it into your every day life.

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ETD Dog Training was founded in 2021, however the process of creating ETD Dog Training has been in the works since 2016. My dream of starting ETDDT began in 2016 while I was working in VetMed. Working in VetMed allowed me to see a large variety of dogs that all had differing temperaments, but they all had the same issue, they did not know how to navigate throughout life. Seeing dogs in such a poor mental state got me thinking, there had to be a better way to prepare dogs to live in a man made world. In early 2017 I got my first personal dog Emerson, the namesake of this company, and we had a plethora of issues to work on. He developed reactivity, he was unruly on leash and had no respect for me or any words that came out of my mouth. I recognized early on that I would need help and worked with four different trainers to no avail. It was not until I met the fifth trainer who worked with us on building our relationship and engagement where I saw improvement in our daily lives. Since then I have no stopped digesting as much information as I can on dog behaviors and different training styles in the form of books, blogs, podcasts and seminars. My goal with ETDDT is to help give as many people a productive and happy life with their pets.

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